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Rainbow Cake & Washi Tape Bunting Topper

There’s nothing better than a yummy Funfetti cake with a lovely rainbow frosting and a bunting cake topper, it´s the perfect treat for unicorns!

I’m not a baker or anything like that but I love baking. I had an idea of how I wanted this cake to look like, at the beginning I was a little bit scared but it’s actually very easy to make, trust me, if I could do it you also can. This post it´s like a two in one, I will show how to make the cake and the topper, so let’s get started!

Bunting Cake Topper

You will need:
Washi Tape (I love the MT ones.)
A 15 x 3 cm strip of card stock (helps weigh the flags down)
2 wooden skewers
30 cm Twine string
Glue and Scissors


Take the twine string and center it against the strip of paper lengthwise then paste a piece of Washi Tape crosswise. Fold the tape over to the other side, keeping the string above the paper, repeat until your strip of paper is fully covered.

To form the flags you need to cut each strip of tape in an inverted triangle shape being careful not cutting the string. Then glue the remaining string of twine into the skewers in a spiral shape. The banner is super easy to make, you only need to be delicate and patient. You can use different Washi Tape patterns and colors for a more whimsical effect  ????

Rainbow Cake

I love the Sally´s Baking Addiction, Funfetti Layer Cake recipe, It’s simply the best. You can pour the cake batter in a round pan and divide the five layers after baked or use the Wilton´s Easy Layers Cake Pan Set as I did.

Divide the frosting in 5 equal parts and add food coloring to each, for the rainbow effect I used pink, blue, green, orange and yellow.

To assemble: Cut the crust off of each cake layer. Place first layer on a cake stand or serving plate. Spread a layer of frosting on top of each layer of cake, until you get your five layers.

Decorate the cake with the bunting topper and you’re done. You have the most wonderful rainbow cake ever!

Have a very colorful day!
Confetti kisses. ♡

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