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Pink and Gold Confetti Planter

A few days ago I got a monster cacti for my studio (I named him Alfred by the way, hehe). I went looking everywhere but couldn’t find a planter that I liked for him, all looked the same, plain and boring so I decided to decorate one with some pretty things I got on Cemaco.

You will need:
A plastic white planter
Pink spray paint
Painters tape
Gold foil Confetti dots

Measure and mark the area you want to paint, use the painters tape to make the color separation, you need to check for air bubbles so the paint doesn’t goes through it.

Spray carefully a super fine layer of the paint on the area and let it dry, then apply one or more layers of paint until the area it´s fully covered (I applied two layers). Wait until the paint completely dries and remove the tape.

Stick the gold Confetti dots to your planter and your done!

I´m very happy with the results and Alfred looks lovely on it!

Let me know if you liked this project, hope you do!
Confetti kisses. ♡

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