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Chasing Unicorns

Unicorns are imaginary magical beings, so it is said that chasing unicorns is like going after something that does not exist, I think the opposite, for me chasing unicorns is to seek happiness and strive to achieve it, although sometimes seems impossible.


We believe that happiness is a prize when it’s actually a right we all have, life is a divine gift and we are all divine, so we have to start believing in ourselves.

I know that the “real world” is not easy but suffering is optional, it all depends on our attitude towards life, our faults and qualities are what makes us unique and we must accept the difficulties as challenges to learn. It’s been said that there is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path so we must look within ourselves, to understand where we came from and where we are going, we must listen to our instincts and our inner child. I’m sure we all as children believed that anything was impossible however as we grew up, we lost faith and hope, we let the problems and fears took hold on us and lost our unicorn. We must flow with the universe and it will guide us to the right path, if you think, believe and act wonderful things will happen.

My very sweet and talented friend Súa Agapé, made an amazing illustration as a gift to all of you that you can download and enjoy, she wants to remind you how valuable you all are. So please, never loose your magic and never ever stop chasing unicorns.

You can see more of Suá’s amazing work in: Instagram, Facebook, Society6and

Have a magical week!
Confetti kisses. ♡

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