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Tanya, Stripes, Calendars & Kygo



1. I love Tanya Burr! She’s a Beauty Guru on YouTube, I love to see her beauty videos as well as her ¨vlogs¨ where she documents her amazing life in London with Jim Chapman, her lovely boyfriend and soon to be husband.

2.  Never stop Dreaming…

3.  The best way to be organized is through a calendar, I simply can´t live without them. Thanks to Kristy and Kelly’s from the blog ¨ Lolly Jane¨  for this post with more than 50 options of printable calendars! they are super cute.

4.  Stripes, stripes and more stripes … I have a ¨small¨ obsession with them, if you still did not own any striped piece of clothing or accessory now is the time to do it. If you want to see a little bit more about this trend you can read this article of the beautiful Olivia Palermo´s blog (one of my fashion icons)

5. I love this song! Kygo – Firestone Ft. Conrad 

6. Speaking about songs, one of my favorite things to do in the evenings (especially if it’s cold) is to snuggle up in a cute little chair I have on the corner of my studio, lighting up a candle, enjoy a cup of tea and listen to my favorite music.

Have a Wonderful Weekend…

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