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Full Moon Magic

Since I was a little girl I have always felt a strong connection with everything magical and mystical, I have always had a fascination with the stars, especially with the moon but until a few months ago I discovered why.

I realized the strong energetic impact she has and by understanding her I have come to understand everything better and I have based my life on it, knowing this helps us to take advantage of the available energy of the cosmos and connect with our internal power, increasing our vibration and creativity, can even help us heal various aspects of our life. All this knowledge is something that I want to share with you, I need you to read this with an open mind and heart to help you improve your life just as it did with mine.

The Moon is incredibly wonderful, it is a divine gift and we can appreciate her every night without tiring, she represents the mother, the first source of love, the unconscious, the instincts of survival, the emotions and the reflection. It is directly connected to female energy, fertility, agriculture and tide. Its cycles, like the female cycle, which lasts 28 days, govern us and influence our physical and mental bodies.

Its cycle consists of 4 phases, each lasting 7 days and are divided as follows:

New Moon – It represents birth, marks the beginning of the lunar cycle and connects with the energy of new possibilities and opportunities, the ideal moment to make intentions and ask for what we want in our life.

Crescent (Waxing) Moon – Symbolizes growth, action and materialization.

Full Moon – Represents expansion, exaltation, and enlightenment. It is where we let go of all that no longer serves us, like patterns and limiting thoughts.

Waning Moon – Represents endings.

Tomorrow we have Full Moon, one of the most beautiful phases because we can see her full of light, now I’ll explain you why and how this happens:

She has no light of her own, but by being aligned in front of the Sun (symbol of masculine energy: the rational, the consenting) she takes that light and reflects it, like a mirror, which is what we appreciate from the earth. In this phase the Moon and the Sun are aligned opposite each other, two opposing and complementary energies. They as two eternal lovers, look into each other’s eyes revealing their secrets, so that´s way in Full Moon we can look at ourselves in the mirror, observing our hidden emotions, deep longings, even fears, is when we can perceive the distance between what we long to be and what we are, what we accept and what we reject, we become aware and integrate the two energies; feminine and masculine.

We must be aware as well, because it reveals what we hide, the mystery comes to light and we can experience emotional outbursts because the consciousness that is the Sun, brings to light aspects of the subconscious that is the Moon. The best thing we can do during this phase is to meditate and get in touch with our inner self, it helps us to understand each other and to understand ourselves, it is the ideal moment to overcome oneself, to let go, to trust, to affirm the positive and what we want to achieve, to expand and enlighten ourselves from the inside out.

At Full Moon we can clean our crystals and also perform a ritual to let go, of which I will tell you in another post later. For the moment you can start with something simpler like meditating and repeating this mantra:

I free myself from my past and let go of everything that no longer serves me.
I free myself from my past and accept the new, I trust that I will be divinely guided.
I free myself from my past and I live today and now. Thank you.

I hope this information helps you to enlighten yourself as much as the wonderful Moon does reflecting the light of the amazing Sun and that the magical light of the cosmos guide your path and fill it with creativity and well-being.

Magical Confetti Kisses☾★♡

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