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Hello 30´s

Yesterday was my Birthday, Yay!

What I can say about turning 30 years old?… The truth is that I feel better than ever! In these 30 years I have lived wonderful things and I’ve had very bad moments too, but those moments are what help us grow and improve as human. I learned so much, I have gone through many changes and I’ve grown so much. 

In my 30 years I can say that I have learned to love and even to cry, I learned that the most important thing in life is to feel good about ourselves, happiness can not be bought with things, gives us satisfaction of course, I can’t deny it … but I feel knowing that I am able to fight and achieve what I want makes me very happy. 

I am so grateful to have an amazing husband who loves and supports me in everything, to have wonderful parents, brother, family and friends and for having health. I´m in a very happy place right now, I’m ready for new adventures, challenges and want to become a better person every day, I no longer have so many fears or prejudices, just want to live each day to the fullest. So, dear 30’s … I’m ready! 

By the way, this article is just great! 30 LIFE LESSONS FROM 30 YEARS

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