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Self Love

Sometimes we are more aware of our flaws than our good qualities, that is because we are afraid of loving ourselves, we don´t want be called vain or egocentric, when the reality is that you have to love yourself first so then you can to give and receive love.

Self love for me, is being aware of my value, being grateful, knowing that I am divine, unique and part of this wonderful universe. Is to accept me with my good and bad qualities, lights and shadows, and being confident that I can be a better version of myself everyday.

To learn how to love and valuing ourselves, we must open our minds and hearts, be more aware of our thoughts and our environment. We must realize that we are free spiritual beings with a body that must be taken care of. I think it’s super important to get to know what we like and want. Life goes by so fast and probably don´t have time for ourselves, we dedicate our lives to study or work and to others, of course it is essential to fulfill our responsibilities but we also have to devote time to give us love.

Me for instance, take time everyday to enjoy the things I like, some of them are listen to music, have a lovely cup of tea or coffee, eating my favorite food; a few times a week I may have some desserts or wine hehe, I love scented candles, flowers, art, romantic and funny movies and TV shows, I also believe that there is nothing better than reading a good book or magazine. I take care of my health, I love spending time with my love ones, making new friends, learning new things so I’m always taking classes of something, and of course, I love all those girly stuff; fashion, perfumes, makeup, accesories, etc. Anyway, there are so many things I like and enjoy, because I love me, and everyday I try to love and value myself a little bit more.

I am aware that it´s not easy to be in balance and that we are not perfect. Like everyone, I have gone through difficult times and lost my self-esteem but gradually I have recovered it and learned to forgive myself, I try to leave my mistakes and the past behind me and now I´m focused on living the moment, I set goals and dreams, without worrying about the future anymore because I know that if I am positive and if I do my best, everything will be alright.

So I hope that we all learn to know and follow our hearts, to love and respect ourselves and others, so that we can share our positive energy and be happy.

Have a wonderful week and always love yourself!
Confetti kisses. ♡

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  • Reply andikubichek

    good piece !!

    Wednesday October 26th, 2016 at 01:07 PM
  • Reply threebrits

    Lovely read ????

    Wednesday October 26th, 2016 at 01:55 PM
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