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Where it all started

First of all… Hi and welcome! It´s very lovely talking to you, thanks for being here. I want to tell a little story of how the craziest and wonderful aventure of my life started.

I am a fashion designer and 2 years ago I decided to produce a small clothing line called ¨ lili & bob ¨. I have this fascination for everything vintage and retro, so it was old world inspired. Since I was only starting I could not rent an atelier or showroom so I converted a room in my apartment in some sort of mini boutique / studio.


I love antiques, pretty and curious things. I truly enjoy being surrounded by anything that inspires me, so I decorated my studio with all this bits and bobs I had collected through the past years, it became my happy place, filled with all the things that I love: books, records, prints, makeup, candles, flowers, confetti and more. My friends and family told me that I could not only sell the clothes I produced, but also those lovely things that I love so much and that were not available in my country, Guatemala, most of them brought from other places. After hearing many suggestions about the idea of selling so many curious tidbits, one day in a moment of euphoria and madness, it began the greatest adventure of my life called: Confetti



At the beginning I had no idea what I was doing, trying to figure out online sales, shipments, imports, and how all of those things work, but gradually I learned more and more, until it became the loveliest online shop, hehe. I have to thank so many angels who helped me along the way, for being patient and understanding and to all those who loved and supported the project from day one.

I know it sounds crazy because the shop was very successful, but one year later, I decided to close it. I had to make many important life and business decisions, was feeling anxious and unhappy so it was time for me to step back and take a brake. I wanted to give myself an opportunity to explore my creative and curious side because no matter whether it is clothes, objects, food, furniture, photography, etc. when it comes to creating something, I’m happy.

For me life is more magical than logical, the universe gives what is good for you in perfect timing. I think everyone must live each day to the fullest, ¡Celebrate everyday! So that´s why it is very important that you always feel good with what your doing.

This is for me a new and super exciting moment in my life, and with my infinite love, I invite you again to be part of this wonderful adventure.

Confetti kisses,
Stef. ♡

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