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Xela Collective

Coloring helps to reduce stress and anxiety, a few months ago I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed so I was looking for a coloring book, one day I came across with a publication about this beautiful one that featured the work of many Guatemalan artist and illustrators named ¨Color me Guatemala ¨.

I thought it was pretty amazing so I went to an event to buy it. That day I met Kaleb, author of the book and founder of Xela Collective, he told me a about his project and good intentions of helping young Guatemalan artists to promote their products and ideas. He is a very lighthearted and wonderful human who believes in a better tomorrow.

Xela Collective started with the dream of building an art center; a free and safe space were young artists will be able to explore art through education, to create, dream, design, share, get inspired and many things more for them to grow and improve their quality of life through new economic and career opportunities.

Currently, they are having a fundraising campaign to build this amazing art center. You can go to: Kickstarter and help them turn that dream into reality.

Have a wonderful day and always remember, that dreams do come true.
Confetti kisses. ♡

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